Breeding Practices

On Greenview Farms, we practice a 120 day breeding program. This allows us to breed our heifers to calve at 2 years old. We have found that by breeding heifers in the last half of our breeding season, when they calve they can be put with a bull immediately thus moving them up to the first part of our calving season. With this practice in place for the past 15 years, we have been able to maintain a conception rate in the mid 90’s on first and second calf heifers as well as entire herd. This process also identifies slow breeding cattle early and eliminates them from our herd.

To remain in our herd, a heifer must calve at two years old, perform on grass, have a good udder with good milk flow and produce a calf every year. After following these practices for over seventy years, we presently have very few heifers that don’t meet this criteria. We are AHA Whole Herd Total Performance Breeders.

Approximately sixty cows and all open heifers are bred AI one time then followed up by natural breeding. All other cattle are bred naturally to either Brahman or Polled Hereford Bulls.